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Publications by Global Britain Authors

A Cost Too Far ?
An analysis of the net economic costs & benefits for the UK of EU membership.
Ian Milne, Civitas, 2004

Backing the Wrong Horse
Reviews the UK's place in the world trading system; argues that the UK would be better off if it left the EU & adopted the model used by the rising Asian superpowers & all of the developed world outside the EU: that of interlocking networks of user-friendly free trade agreements. Proposes that the UK joins a multi-country free trade agreement alongside the USA for its trade & investment with the world outside the EU & Swiss-style sectoral agreements for its trade & investment with the EU.
Ian Milne, Centre for Policy Studies, 2004.

A Citizen's Guide to Economic Statistics
A reference-book listing 58 sources of economic statistics & analysis, with explanations of concepts such as Gross Domestic Product & Trade & Balance of Payments.
Ian Milne, Global Britain, 2005.

Better Off Out by Lord Pearson of Rannoch
In an attempt to encourage national debate on the greatest issue of our time, here is the case for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, in 60 simple points. 2nd Edition.

The End of British Democracy?
By Lord Pearson of Rannoch. April 2003

Better Off Out of the EU? New Mori Poll, by Mori
Press Release 8th February 2001.

Foreign Direct Investment
Global Britain Briefing Note No 9 - 2nd June, 2000

UK Exports: 60 per cent are Dollar-linked
Eurofacts article, 3rd March 2000 by Ian Milne.

We'd be better off exporting to the Single Market from outside
Eurofacts article, 3rd March 2000 by Ian Milne.

How 'dependent' is the UK on exports to 'Europe'?
Eurofacts article, 19th November 1999 by Ian Milne.

Attitudes to the EU and America
Eurofacts article, 19th November 1999 by Global Britain.

How they swung it in the early '70s
Eurofacts article 31st March 2000.

Lord Pearson's Speech to the UKIP Spring Conference, Exeter, 25 th March 2006: ‘What can be done about the Conservative Party?'

France will never let Turkey join the EU. Article by Ian Milne published in The Business, 14/15 August 2005

What is the Point of the European Union? A Brief Summary of our present relationship with 'Brussels', including the case to leave, and the case to stay. (Based on a speech given by Lord Pearson of Rannoch to the Royal Society of St George, February 2004.

European taxation: Why Blair's red line on tax is in fact a red herring - we have already ceded direct taxation to Brussels. Extract from Hansard, 25th February, 2004.

European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) Bill.
Text from Hansard, 27th June 2003

Speech to the "Conservative Way Forward" Group, by Lord Pearson of Rannoch.
Bournemouth Conservative Conference, 2nd October 2000.